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Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: HD Ramps Portable Aluminum Yard Ramp

HD Ramps portable aluminum yard ramp set up with a box truck outside a warehouse

HD Ramps Portable Aluminum Yard Ramps Faciliate Warehouse & Loading Dock Operations

Unlike single-piece yard ramps that are awkward to store and take up a lot of valuable space, our re-engineered portable aluminum yard ramp seeks to reduce the storage footprint, increase the load capacity, facilitate the set-up and take-down time, and mazimize efficiency.

Designed to be set up by two people in less than 15 minutes without any tools, this modular system consists of eight ramps and three adjustable height support stands. Engineered in-house with a patented design (US Patent #10710824), every aspect of this ramp has been designed, tested and revised to be easy to use, and to hold up in warehouse and loading dock environments that see constant action.

man placing a pin-on end on HD Ramps portable aluminum yard ramp

Similar to our Loading Ramps, our Portable Yard Ramp sections have pin-on ends that connect to the stands in a way that prevents them from disengaging accidentally.

two side-by-side images that show the HD Ramps portable aluminum yard ramp top and bottom ramp section

The top ramp sections have a plate end connector to create a smooth transition from the ramp to truck or trailer, and the bottom ramp sections have a knife foot for a smooth transition to the ground. Integrated 4" high rail guards both add safety and provide additional structural support.

Versatile for Multiple Situations

The ramp system can used in different length configurations from 8' to 30' L, and will accommodate docks, trailers or trucks from 15" - 60" H. Two 18' safety straps are included.

Key Features

Portable yard ramp stacked on a single pallet

The Modular Ramp Design Breaks Down to Fit on a Single Pallet

The components stack compactly and fit on a single pallet for easy storage; great for seasonal use or if the ramp needs to be transported to another location. The entire system will fit in a pickup truck bed or a 4 x 8 trailer, and ships economically on one pallet via common carrier.

two people setting up the HD Ramps portable yard ramp

Two Person Set Up Takes Roughly 15 Minutes

There are no tools required to install this ramp system, and it takes two people as little as 15 minutes to measure and position the three ramp stands, then set the eight ramp sections in place and attach the two ratchet safety straps to the upper stand of the trailer.

EZ Traction punch plate surface

EZ Traction punch-plate surface grips tires in all weather

The raised, serrated punch plate surface design grips forklift, car or equipment tires while allowing rain, snow and mud to fall right through.

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