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Auto Ramps

Our auto loading ramps are the strongest, lightest, and best engineered in the industry! The ramps are constructed from military-grade aluminum alloy making them stronger than the standard aluminum used by other manufacturers. They're available with serrated rungs, or our proprietary EZ punch plate surface that provides superior grip in snow, mud and ice. We stock commercial ramps in lengths from 4’ to 16' and capacities ranging from 2,500 to 12,000 lbs per axle. Custom lengths and capacities are available upon request. Four connection point options offer different features tailored to specific vehicles and use cases, and two ramp end styles are available to suit different load height ranges.

Connection Points

  • Hook ends: The ramps simply hook over the trailer rub rail, or any flat bar connection point or round bars up to 1-1/4” diameter, to secure the ramps to the trailer. They're our most popular style of auto ramps.
  • Flat plate: A very versatile connecting end, they have PVC rubber strip bonded to underside. Safety straps are included and are required when using ramps. The flat plate ends will NOT work on beavertail /dovetail trailers.
  • Hybrid hook/plate: A combination of the plate and hook, this end type allows for maximum versatility when connected onto different trailers/vehicles. The 3-3/4” long flat plate connecting end can be used on any flat surface while utilizing the included safety straps to secure ramps to vehicle. The underside of the flat plate end has rubber padding to provide superior grip and prevent scratches to your vehicle’s paint.
  • Pin-on ends: They're the safest way to secure ramps to any trailer or vehicle, and they require welding an attaching bracket called a skid seat to the vehicle or trailer. Once the bracket is installed, the pin-on ramp end drops into the skid seat and a 3/4” steel rod slides through the ramp end to secure it safely to the vehicle.