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Pins & Keepers

Misplaced pin? Lost keeper? Replacements are available!

We keep the following pins and keepers on hand in case replacements are needed:

  • PARTS-STAND-PIN: 3/4" Hitch pin for heavy-duty support stands
  • A20402: 5/8" x 4-1/4" hitch pin and clip for load leveler stake inserts
  • PARTS-HITCH-PIN-CLIP: Retaining clip for 3/4" and 5/8" standard pins
  • PARTS-RH-Keeper-L: Stainless steel keeper for 6" double ramp hangers
  • PARTS-RH-Keeper-M: Stainless steel keeper for 5" double ramp hangers
  • PARTS-RH-Keeper-S: Stainless steel keeper for single ramp hangers and stand hangers
  • PARTS-Pin-14: 1/4" Lynch pin for ramp and stand hanger keepers
  • PARTS-LADDER-PIN: 3/8" Snap pin for ladder alligator clip
  • PARTS-SKID-SEAT-PIN-24: 3/4" Steel rod for 24" aluminum or steel skid seat
  • PARTS-SKID-SEAT-PIN-36: 3/4" Steel rod for 36" aluminum or steel skid seat
  • PARTS-SKID-SEAT-PIN-48: 3/4" Steel rod for 48" aluminum skid seat
  • PARTS-SKID-SEAT-PIN-97: 3/4" Steel rod for 48" aluminum or steel skid seat
  • PARTS-STAND-PIN-20: 3/4" x 20" L Steel rod for upper support stands

Please email or call us at 262-793-8025 for assistance in ordering replacement pins or keepers.