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About Us

At HD Ramps, we want to provide an innovative quality product!

Based in Kewaskum, WI, Heavy Duty Ramps has been manufacturing lightweight aluminum ramp systems for over 35 years. Using innovative designs and lightweight aluminum alloys, HD Ramps has created a unique product assortment that enables our customers to solve loading, hauling or transportation challenges safely and at a reasonable cost.

  • Our product assortment has traditionally centered around loading ramps and ramp systems for anything from a flatbed trailer, to a pick-up truck for a motorcycle, a trailer for car hauling and even large aircraft loading applications for the military. Far superior to steel alternatives, our lightweight aluminum products never rust, are easier to handle and are built strong to never fail.
  • Our engineers are problem solvers – if it can be loaded, we have a ramp for that application. And if we don’t have one? We can work with you to make one.
  • Our welders are AWS certified and all products go through rigorous quality control reviews before they leave our plant. Soon, we will be adding robotic welding cells to our plant to improve productivity and quality and as a way of helping to keep our costs as low as we can.

At HD Ramps, we strive to provide every customer with quality, strength, and innovation.