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Step Deck

Save Time and Money with Step Deck Load Leveler and Ramp Kits


HD Ramps is constantly innovating, designing and building to manufacture solutions to common loading and transporting problems. We created a lightweight aluminum two-in-one system engineered for efficiency while increasing the versatility of step deck set ups to save drivers both time and money.

What makes up a load leveler and ramp kit?

Our two-in-one lightweight aluminum system is engineered for efficiency while increasing the versatility of your step deck set up. Instead of keeping load leveler bunks and loading ramps on hand, or stored at home base until the next load requires them, a load leveler and ramp kit can be used as one or the other, and stores neatly until the next job. So for the price of a single system, you get both of these:

  • Loading ramp system for 20,000 to 23,000 pounds The ramp system repurposes the load levelers as loading ramps for heavy machinery, equipment or vehicles . In addition to the ramps, ramp support stands create an additional point of bracing contact and adjusted to raise or lower the angle of the ramps on center.
  • Load leveler bunk system to rest cargo horizontally When hauling larger loads on your step deck, the load levelers even out the gradient so long cargo rests horizontally. Stake pocket supports hold the bunks in place so you can thread a chain, and lumber clips allow hardwood dunnage to be inserted as a bridge between the load and aluminum levelers.

Multiple kit options for step decks with heights of 16”, 18”, 20”, 24” and 26”

HD Ramps offers multiple kit options depending on the size, number of accessories and specific height of your step deck trailer. The key components that make up the kits include:

HD Loading Ramp/Load leveler
Our 8' L x 18" W 2 Bunk Load Leveler / 2 Ramp System for 18" H Step Deck Trailers - 23, 500 lb. Cap

Loading Ramp/Load leveler

These ramps are used for loading, or can be turned on their side and used as load levelers. The width of the ramps will vary based on the height of your step deck to ensure that when they are used as load levelers they will be the appropriate size.

HD Ramp Attaching Brackets
Our 24" Aluminum Skid Seat Attaching Bracket for Pin-End Ramps

Ramp Attaching Brackets

These must be welded to your drop deck before use, and include long pins to secure the ramp to the deck. This prevents the ramp from kicking out as you load. HD Ramps offers them in aluminum or steel to facilitate welding.

HD Ramp Hanger Brackets
Our Bolt-On Semi-Trailer Loading Ramp Storage Brackets for Two 5" Ramps

Ramp Hanger Brackets

These particular brackets are only to be used on trailers without knee braces. They bolt on, and the ramps slide in for storage.

HD Lumber Clips
Our 5" Thick Load Leveler Lumber Clip (Single)

Lumber Clips

They sit on top of the load levelers and hold lumber to prevent the levelers from scratching or otherwise damaging your load. When pacing lumber, always use wood planks that are true to size to ensure a secure fit. Kits include 3 lumber clips per load leveler.

HD Load Leveler Spacer
Our 96-1/2" L x 5" W x 6" H Load Leveler Spacers - 23,500 lb. Cap

Load Leveler Spacer

Spacers are sized to be used with 24” and 26” H step decks, and the correct size is included in each pre-built kit. They are placed on top of the load levelers before the lumber clip and dunnage.

HD Ramp Support Stands
Our Adjustable Heavy-Duty Lower Ramp Support Stands (Pair)

Ramp Support Stands

These not only ensure that the two ramps per side will be able to support the loading weight of your cargo, but they are also adjustable in case you need to create a slight arch to help with the loading process. This is important with vehicles or machinery that have a long wheelbase and/or lower ground clearance, so they don’t high-center at the top of the ramps.

2 HD Ramp Stand Hanger Brackets

Stand Hanger Brackets

These brackets hold the ramp support stands in place during transit and when they’re not in use.

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