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Based in Kewaskum, WI, Heavy Duty Ramps has been manufacturing lightweight aluminum ramp systems for over 35 years. Our founder, Richard Beilstein, has led the industry in designing and fabricating many unique ramp solutions for the truck and trailer industry, military, and other commercial end users using a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and quality workmanship. Mr. Beilstein is still active in the company, working with customers to design custom ramp systems to solve their unique loading and transportation needs.


HD Ramps occupies a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility with a wide assortment of equipment needed to handle any customer’s needs. This includes:


Heavy Duty Ramps is known throughout the industry for building the lightest and strongest ramps available on the market! Using patented designs, proprietary extrusions, and unique aluminum alloys, our ramps provide our customers with the products they need to load or haul their cargo safely, efficiently, and in an ergonomically friendly way. We recognized the need to design ramp systems that individual truckers or crews could easily handle without back strain. Our team of engineers performed extensive research and testing to create an ultra-lightweight ramp with a high weight capacity, resulting in numerous patents awarded to Heavy Duty Ramps over the years.


  • Step Deck Trailer Loading Systems
  • Load Leveler Systems

  • Ramp Storage Systems

  • Commercial Equipment Loading Ramps
  • Auto & Truck Ramps

  • Walk Ramps
  • Container Ramps & Dock Boards
  • Aircraft/Military Loading Ramps

  • Ramps for the Powersports Industry

  • Threshold Ramps for Wheelchairs


Our staff of engineers has many years of experience designing custom ramp applications for our customers. Using state-of-the-art software, we will present you with our designs and quotes in a matter of days or weeks – depending on the complexity of the assignment. Some of our unique custom products have included:

  • Designed and patented a lightweight, modular loading system for U.S. Military to load heavy vehicles, helicopters and equipment into C130, C17, and C5 aircraft
  • A modular portable aluminum loading dock – allows forklifts, vehicles, equipment and cargo to be loaded into semi-trailers or docks either a dock doesn’t exist or space doesn’t allow for other solutions.
  • Proprietary commercial grade grit coated container ramps that offer the best traction in the industry
  • Aluminum trailer ramps to load a 70 ton M1/A2 Abrams tank
  • Cranberry bog ramps that allow farmers to access their bogs with heavy equipment safely and efficiently
  • Rail car spanner ramps that bridge the gap between railroad cars
  • Gangway aluminum ramps for boats and barges
  • 23,500 lb per axle spring assisted aluminum folding ramps for flatbeds and step deck trailers to load heavy commercial equipment
  • Custom UTV ramps for Combat Ready 4 person Razor to be used in Afghanistan for rapid deployment
  • Aluminum wheel chair bridges for showers with curbs and varying floor heights
  • Ice Dam ramps for the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. to protect the ice edge from damage caused by Zambonis
  • Extending decks on expandable RGN’s to load longer equipment up to 40 tons


Each of our products are designed with lightweight military-grade aluminum. Our engineering team designs aluminum extrusions that create a safer, stronger, and more durable product. These proprietary extrusions allow us to manufacture more efficiently, and gives our products the professional look that customers require. Our welders are AWS certified, and professionally trained to weld aluminum safely and accurately, resulting in consistently superior products that will last for years.